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We show families how to find sanctuary in homes that breathe

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About Us

Eco-Essence Homes was founded by Directors, Wayne Kelly and Jeremy Magee, who saw a need for lifestyle oriented, eco friendly, modern, energy efficient homes. Our aim is to construct creative and inspiring environments that add to our clients overall health and wellbeing, both physically and spiritually.

We focus on designing, specifying and constructing sustainable homes to accommodate light, breezes and all your lifestyle needs, from first home buyers to the astute home owner, with leading edge Eco-Essence technology.

We strongly believe in the energy that goes into the design and building of a new home remains in that home for its life time, whether it be positive or negative. That is why we will give each and every client a positive and hassle free experience and eco design resolution that allows their home to breathe, with a feeling of warmth and comfort that will remain within the home for ever.

We see our homes as a living organism. We show families how to find sanctuary in homes that breathe, providing the services required for building your own eco sustainable home, from planning to practical completion.

We are here to help you step by step to build your dream sustainable home, proudly building homes on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern New South Wales.

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