4 trends in eco friendly home design for 2018

4 trends in eco friendly home design for 2018

While design trends come and go, having an eco-friendly home that is stylish, comfortable to live in and costs less to run will never go out of fashion. Here are four trends about the eco-home movement to inspire you only next year, but for a lifetime.

3 Reasons Why You Should Adapt Your Home Design to its Site and Aspect

Zen Sail Fish Residence Pool

Designing a new home is an exciting process – choosing the layout, colours and materials is all part of the fun. However, when it comes to creating a vibrant, healthy and sustainable home, it really pays to consider the site and positioning first and foremost. Here are three reasons to start from the ground up when building your dream eco-friendly home.

Eco Essence Homes Case Study: The Osprey

The Osprey Living Area and view to the glistening swimming pool that laps the full height glazing

When Eco Essence Homes created ‘The Osprey,’ they wanted to push the boundaries of eco-design and design a home that challenged how most of us think about green homes and eco-living.

Building Sustainable Homes

building sustainable homes

Find out all about this hot building trend in our interview this month with Jeremy Magee, Co-Director of the award winning Burleigh based Eco Essence Homes.

Future of Housing Industry

Eco Essence Homes Cloud Pergola 2

Check out an interview with Eco-Essence Homes director, Wayne Kelly as he discusses the future of the housing industry with James Hardie.