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Discover the Eco Balance Homes Series

Step inside one of our Zen sanctuaries and immediately soak up the peace and quiet on offer. The Zen is a range of homes that recognises the continuing changes in family dynamics and urban lifestyles and is designed to connect you to nature through fluid transition from the inside to outside.  The facade is an integral part of the holistic design approach.   The low-lying pitch of the roof is designed to appear low and square in form and interconnects with coordinated timber cladding and bold block work that is paired with louvered windows.  These elements are balanced by tropical landscapes that are easily accessible.  Inside, you’ll be immersed by beautiful natural finishes and distinctive brickwork feature walls.  There is a green garden atrium situated at the core of the house and is complimented by an operable roof that fills the home with an abundance of light and air. With emphasis on a holistic approach to life and a desire to stay connected and grounded the Zen provides a tranquil and sustainable home environment and a retreat from the daily grind that we all yearn for.

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