The CLOUD - Veranda
The CLOUD - Pergola
The CLOUD - Front
The CLOUD - Pergola
The CLOUD - Deck
The CLOUD - Study Stairs
The CLOUD - Pergola
The CLOUD - Mezzanine
The CLOUD - Living
The CLOUD - Lounge
The CLOUD - Kitchen
The CLOUD - Kitchen Shelves
The CLOUD - Dining
The CLOUD - Master Bedroom
The CLOUD - Ensuite
The CLOUD - Bedroom
The CLOUD - Bedroom
The CLOUD - Bedroom
The CLOUD - Bathroom


  • Home size: 160 m2

  • Levels: 1

  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2

  • Decks: 2

  • Living: 2

  • Cars: 2

What are Eco Balance Homes?

Do you want to Unplug and disconnect from the grid and live a self-sufficient lifestyle while making a positive contribution to the environment?

A Spotlight has been shone on global warming and the impact we have on our surrounds. Placing a Strong focus on Sustainability is not a new concept to multi award winning Eco Essence Homes who has been delivering affordable high performance eco home solutions to homeowners for over 10 years.

In recent times interest and demand has grown for smart housing solutions.  The Eco Balance Series is designed with intention to provide affordable housing, reduce the environmental footprint and standalone without the need for utilities.

Key components of the home are prefabricated and designed to arrive onsite with speed and efficiency.  On site completion is achieved in less than half the construction time that it would normally take to build a standard home and without the high traffic flow of trades.

Eco Balance Homes achieve a minimum 7 Star Energy Efficiency rating, are Architecturally designed and engineered, flawlessly finished and come with the assurances and guarantee of a Builders Warranty.

Interested in learning more about our eco homes? Download our free brochures, or contact us today if you have any questions.

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