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Discover the Elements Series

The Elements is the latest trending series on offer by Eco-Essence Homes. Nodding to the range’s name, fire, water, wind, and earth elements are purposefully selected to connect energies between internal living to mother nature outdoors. There is consideration to use recycled material including bricks and timber during product selections so that your home distils a warmth and inviting nature for your family and guests. These homes are recognised for their single-depth living-dining spaces which invite organic cross-flow ventilation and adequate sunlight to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. These homes are designed to work with the natural elements and your family’s lifestyle through opening your home’s lungs (breathe), grounding it’s mind (surrender), and comforting it’s heart (family). The Element’s are bespoke modern homes that are high-end, yet they permit an unmatchable relaxed, and comfortable environment.

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