Energy Efficient Homes are the way of the future

Energy Efficient Homes are the way of the future

Why Energy Efficient Homes are so Important and the Benefits of Building an Eco-Friendly Home

Energy-efficient homes are the way of the future! Did you know that it is a requirement that all new Australian homes must have a minimum 6-star energy equivalence rating? The more stars the more energy-efficient the home, and the more cost savings benefits you will receive through reduced energy use for heating and cooling.

The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) is one method of demonstrating compliance and provides homes with a star rating out of 10, with 1 being the lowest, that estimates the homes energy usage based on the home’s heating and cooling ability and thermal comfort.

NaTHERS assessments are conducted before construction begins. In order to complete the assessment, a NaTHERS accredited Accessor uses specific software that rates the energy efficiency of the design of the home based on the dwelling’s key design features such as climate & orientation, building materials and type of construction, roof types, insulation, window size, the size and function of rooms and many other contributing factors.

Our aim at Eco-Essence Homes is to design, plan and build energy-efficient homes that obtain a 7-star appraisal or higher which is well above the minimum home energy rating requirements. To ensure we achieve this for you and to guarantee that you receive a correct energy rating we engage a credited assessor during the initial planning stage in order to attain a preliminary assessment. Based on the outcome of the report we will then make further recommendations for areas of improvement in the design of your home.

Aside from reducing greenhouse gas emissions and your carbon footprint the benefits of owning an Energy-efficient home are significant.

Increased Comfort
A well-designed energy-efficient home requires little energy to make it comfortable all year round. Utilising passive solar design principles, insulating roofs and walls and the installation of window seals to prevent draughts eliminate the need for heating or cooling.

Reduced Energy Bills
Using electric energy for heating and cooling your home contributes to around 40% of your household energy use. Energy-efficient homes use less energy to run and save you money on your energy bills.

Clean Air
Studies have found that on average we spend 90% of our time indoors. Most pollutants affecting indoor air quality are caused by various components found within the building. flooring, paints and building materials are just some of the potential sources that can introduce harmful chemicals directly into the air. A well-ventilated home constructed from green building materials that are composed of renewable sources or have low VOC (Volatile organic compound) properties will dramatically improve the air quality in the home.

Increased Property Value
Property orientation, energy-efficient systems, fixtures, appliances and smart technologies are the way of the future and are fast becoming key features and considerations for home buyers and renters who are willing to pay extra for environmentally friendly and high energy star rated homes.

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