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Discover the Pacific Series

A range of eco homes stemming from the roots of Pacific Islander bungalows and traditional Queenslander construction, standing as an architectural platform built with a mix of natural materials, simple and rustic design features, sustainable living & strong connections to its flawless beachside setting. Designed for the sub tropical climate, pitched VJ lined ceilings, rustic timber beams, grassed permeable driveway, polished concrete floors, colonial window detailing, intricate timber pergola, covered north facing deck and expansive wrap around verandah, plenty of room for the hammock between the palm trees to just drift away. These are just some of the luxuries the Pacific range has to offer creating a clear synergy between all the elements that offers a truly captivating, liveable and quirky home. Designed around unique combination of privacy and family sharing, the Pacific range offers every family member and friends a place to relax, unwind and enjoy each other company.

Pacific Series Brochure Download

Pacific Series Brochure Download

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