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The Natadola

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The Natadola - Weatherboard Rear Perspective
The Natadola - Weatherboard Front
The Natadola - Weatherboard Front Perspective
The Natadola - Timber Batten Front
The Natadola - Timber Batten Front Perspective
The Natadola - Shelves
The Natadola - Polished Concrete
The Natadola - Front Porch
The Natadola - Bedroom 3
The Natadoa - Garden Courtyard

The Natadola

Pacific bungalow architecture inspired the islander design of this prominent gable roof form. The islander references don’t stop there, when behind the facade you are greeted with a lush open garden courtyard  that breathes life into the home.
  • Home size: 256.93 sqm
  • Land size: 687.01 sqm
  • Levels: 1
  • Bedrooms: 4

  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Decks: 2 + Garden Courtyard
  • Living: 2
  • Cars: 2 + Store

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