Solar Power Madness

Solar Power Madness

See below an article from The Alternative Technology Association I received this week. Read on everyone looking to install solar PV to their home.

This is very much the same as the feed in tariff in NSW.

Certainly does make it difficult on the suppliers and installers in what should be a booming industry.

The Queensland Government on Monday 25th June announced that from 10th July 2012, the Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme (Feed-in Tariff) will change from 44 cents to 8 cents for new Scheme customers.

Eligible customers that apply to join the Scheme from 10th July will receive 8 cents per kilowatt hour for energy exported to the electricity grid. The 8 cents tariff will be reviewed by 1 July 2013.

ATA members considering installing solar and who wish to access the 44 cent rate will need to lodge a network connection application before midnight on 9 July 2012 in order to be considered for the existing 44 cent tariff.

This means having the following steps done prior to submitting a network connection application (prior to the 9th July):

Deciding on the most appropriate system size and checking that your roof is suitable in terms of shading, orientation and structure;
Compare quotes from a number of installers;
Choose an installer and a specific system;
(Most likely) pay a deposit to the installer; and
Obtain, fill out and submit an application to connect form.
For anyone looking to install solar in the short term, we would remind members to resist compromising system quality, in the likely rush that will ensue. A good quality solar system should have the following minimum level of warranties:
25 years performance warranty of the panels themselves – with at least 80% of rated output capacity in the 25th year;
5 years minimum for the inverter, with the closer to 10 years the better; and
At least 5 years for installation / workmanship.
The Queensland Government has said it will task the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) to review and make recommendations by early 2013 on a subsidy free “fair and reasonable” solar feed-in tariff for Queensland. QCA recommendations will inform Government’s mid 2013 review of the Scheme.
Whilst ATA recognises that with significant reductions in the base price of solar over the past three years, we believe the evidence suggests that fair and reasonable value for electricity exported from solar PV is higher than most State Governments are currently legislating – including the proposed 8 cent QLD scheme. This is due to the downward price pressure that distributed solar places on the wholesale market for energy (as it reduces demand from that market).

As such, ATA will be advocating strongly in the QCA Review of the Queensland Feed-in Tariff later this year and would welcome any input from ATA members on the issue.

Existing Scheme customers should note that they will continue to receive the 44 cents tariff provided they maintain their eligibility for the Scheme.

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