Discover the PACIFIC

The Pacific is range of eco homes that are directly inspired by Pacific Island bungalows and their thatch roofs.  The Iconic high ceilings and exposed wooden beams with open plan living is best suited for the tropical climate are the defining features of the Pacific series of homes.

The structure and height of the ceiling afford a calm space that performs exceptionally well by achieving natural ventilation and thermal mass through the use of suitable materials increasing comfort and reducing energy costs. Flawlessly designed with high attention to detail The Pacific series boasts quintessential weatherboard cladding, pitched VJ lined ceilings, exposed timber beams and a north-facing deck with expansive wrap-around verandas.

The intricate timber pergola and chunky round timber posts mimic the traditional island huts, while the coastal elements of the home are encapsulated by colonial doors and windows and a grassed permeable driveway.

Not restricted to coastal style, this home is best suitable for any North faced landscape whether it be the lining the coast or property in the hinterland.

Designed to afford a unique mix of privacy and shared family living, the Pacific home offers family members and friends the perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy each other’s company.

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