In this post Wayne share’s his top 3 favourite eco home features.

He tells you what they are why he likes them.

He hopes you get some creative inspiration to consider before you design your next sustainable green home.

What are you favourite green house features? Please leave a comment for us below.


Transcript of the Video

Interviewer: Wayne, I’m wondering if you can tell me what would be your
top three favourite things inside a sustainable house or an eco-home. What
things do you really like in homes?

Wayne: The first thing I probably like is the big banks of louvres,
big [copper] louvres allow for cross ventilation. Aesthetics,
they look fantastic, and it gives us the biggest amount of

The second thing is probably a bit of greenery inside the house.
If we can have gardens that actually come up inside the living
area, the living space, big, green, leafy plants, tropical
plants that fall back into the living space, it’s amazing what
it does to that area. It brings it to life.

Thirdly, big high ceilings. Exposed trusses is something that we
are working towards getting a lot of that into our homes. Just
it allows airflow again, but it also gives a big feeling of
openness as soon as you walk into that room. It’s just amazing.

They are probably the three main things that I like. But there
are plenty of things that we put into our homes.

Interviewer: Okay. Thanks very much for that.