4 trends in eco friendly home design for 2018

4 trends in eco friendly home design for 2018

While design trends come and go, having an eco-friendly home that is stylish, comfortable to live in and costs less to run will never go out of fashion. Here are four trends about the eco-home movement to inspire you only next year, but for a lifetime.

3 Reasons Why You Should Adapt Your Home Design to its Site and Aspect

Zen Sail Fish Residence Pool

Designing a new home is an exciting process – choosing the layout, colours and materials is all part of the fun. However, when it comes to creating a vibrant, healthy and sustainable home, it really pays to consider the site and positioning first and foremost. Here are three reasons to start from the ground up when building your dream eco-friendly home.

An eco-friendly home built for a coastal lifestyle: ‘Salani’

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Building your ‘forever home’ is about more than four walls and a roof, it’s about creating a lifestyle. With a need for an eco-friendly design, they called on Eco-Essence Homes for a functional and sustainable design that suited both their budget and lifestyle.

Eco-Essence Recycling Centre


Standard procedure and system used by Eco-Essence Homes to ensure that minimal waste is contributed to land fill.

Our Recent Homes Video Portfolio


In this video we show you some of our latest home designs for 2012. We hope you find some inspiration for your new eco home design.